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Adventures - Dragonslayer Eras - BOB's Birthday Game

The Tenth Anniversary Game

This was a special adventure the Dragonslayers went on that coincided with the Tenth Anniversary of my hosting a weekly game. It took place on January 25 2003.

I was fortunate enough to have quite a few of the many players that had been at my table return for an all day event. It was a fun filled day, with some new quotes coming out of the adventure; in particular Robert's "so is this a magical trap or a mechanical trap". It was during this day that having the older players that had moved away playing with us again helped solidify the idea that we should find a way to help them reconnect with our group. Then when Lorie announced she was moving her family to Pennsylvania that we made the decision to become an internet accessible game.

The adventure I ran that day took place over several parts of the game world. It started in Roadhaven, moved to the Island Kingdoms, returned to Roadhaven and Thedd and finally came back to the Island Kingdoms for the dramatic conclusion.

One of the things I did for everyone who attended the game that day was to have a small survey about memorable moments from the past ten years. Here are my responses to those questions.

Memorable Moments (List up to three choices in each category.)

The top battles

  1. Gon
  2. Green Mistress lair
  3. Ozymandus in Island Kingdoms

The best villain

  1. Greelox
  2. Arch Bishop of Hades
  3. Beholder (never found out) a full beholder lair all set up and the party never actually visits it

Best overall adventure

  1. Arctic Tapestry (character’s die off one by one)
    The characters found a tapestry that showed a party traveling across a frozen waste with particular images dying. The players started freaking out when the characters start dying in that same order, everyone at the table just KNEW who was going to die next and they somehow could not prevent it.
  2. Shards of the day (exploding gnome)
  3. Treasure vault of Kasil (2nd time interfering with Ozymandus)

The best character death

  1. Red Enchantress (Rob, Mike & John)
  2. Henin in the Green Mistress’ lair (Robert)
  3. Leap into the sun (John)

The best “dohh!” moment

  1. Leaping at wall in Gon/falling off roof in Gon
  2. Henin learning he can’t swim, after getting gills
  3. Henin/Morham getting tattoos

Best NPC

  1. Spider Lady
  2. Arch Bishop of Hades
  3. Necromancer

Bob’s worst NPC

  1. Frickard’s nephew (murder mystery)
  2. Coven of hags in Island Kingdoms
  3. The gnome box

Bob screwed “-----“ over the worst by “------“

  1. Fremlin – attack by wraiths hiding in the water
  2. Henin – Sons of Kuss repeated attacks
  3. Entire party – banshee attacks in artic wastes

Best encounter outside of combat

  1. Having tea with the beholder
  2. Lady of the mists final talk
  3. Ashanti Walker greeting Henin

Best use of a monster

  1. Cats in general
  2. Giants in close quarters
  3. Dopplegangers

The Players that attended that game session 🜩: