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Terraguard - History

This is a specific timeline for the events that occurred inside of the Kingdom of Terraguard.

-120 TGR the Greek armies 'cleanse' the area around what would become Terraguard Principality of all non-believers

1 TGR founding of the original keep of Terraguard

302 TGR Greek armies attack Norse settlements in southeastern Terraguard

307 TGR Norse armies strike deep into central and northern Terraguard looting many Greek temples

537 TGR 1 CER Peak of the Celtic Empire as declared by the Great Druid.

789 TGR Greek armies push west and burn Dryads Lair

793 TGR re-founding of the Kayugan temple in Dryads Lair that was destroyed by Greek soldiers

825 TGR Kayugan armies invade Greek territories in Terraguard in the first Terraguard crusade

826 TGR first reported occurrence of the second coming of the Grey Death

856 TGR Assassination of King Uther Renaul III by the Great Mage Sergthi Farthorn

856 TGR the Great Mage Sergthi Farthorn becomes King Farthorn I

869 TGR Terraguard crosses the Narva River to attempt to breach the Wildlands, forced to retreat after guerilla forces repel them

900 TGR declaration of Dryads Lair as the third Terraguard Principality

908 TGR 371 CER 1 WPR re-sanctifying of the Celtic Temple in Wolfspack

958 TGR Coronation of Juankey Farthorn, great grandson of Sergthi Farthorn as King Farthorn II

978 TGR Coronation of Wiljol Farthorn, grandson of Juankey Farthorn as King Farthorn III

1015 TGR Coronation of Frathgar Farthorn as King Farthorn IV

1102 TGR King Farthorn IV is incapacitated by an attempted assassination

1102 TGR Coronation of Morlyn Farthorn as King Farthorn V

1103 TGR King Farthorn V is assassinated

1103 TGR Coronation of Darvin "The Dragon" Farthorn as King Farthorn VI

1132 TGR Kayugan armies invade Greek territories in Terraguard in the second Terraguard Crusade

1148 TGR Frathgar Farthorn, King Farthorn IV dies

1158 TGR Coronation of Baldordan Farthorn as King Farthorn VII

1162 TGR Coronation of Harrent Farthorn as King Farthorn VIII

1172 TGR Coronation of Aaron Farthorn as King Farthorn IX

1194 TGR 286 WPR Terraguard besieges Wolfspack for a fourth time

1195 TGR 287 WPR The Fourth Siege of Wolfspack is broken

1199 TGR Blackmorn overwhelmed and all inhabitants slaughtered

1216 TGR Coronation of Francis Farthorn as King Farthorn X

12-6-1233 TGR start of Pagmalia Era

7-7-1240 TGR The Archbishop of Hades in Invergarry asks the Dragonslayers to visit a small manor house and deliver a message for him.

1244 TGR the witch of Cilharen, and a young female ranger rid her forest of a hobgoblin incursion

15-9-1258 TGR The Elect take control over Stormport

1261 TGR - first reported infections from the fifth appearance of the Grey Death