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The Dragon! The Dragon! The Dragon!

Team Building Era

7-6-1259 TGR - 9-6-1259 TGR

This was the first time that Mike ran an adventure as Guest DM. This continues the tradition of having someone else in the DM chair to give everyone a chance to use their voice and give their take on how a game session can be run. After completing this adventure the group went on a mission to settle up Overdue Fines.

The characters traveled to Hillshire Haven to visit with Anterias and agreed to find a lost chalice for the elves. It is part of a dragon's hoard in the Cordrawn Hills. The group traveled into the hills looking for the lair and found several rooms of traps and creatures they had to puzzle their way past to visit the dragon.

When they reached the dragon Moirra offered up her mace, an item of great sentimental value, for the chalice. The dragon accepted the magical weapon and the group returned to the elves with the prize. The group thinks they did this all for nothing, but they would find out very soon after that Anterias had is own plans in motion and the quest the group completed was but the finishing steps of his.

Feed Back & Recollections

Reading this while away on vacation spotted a great quote

[Antarias] we've still got exposition, so sit down! i thought about this idea for a while and you all are going to sit through it.

[Antarias] why must you all run away? i thought it was interesting back story. you all suck.

[Antarias] anyway... this is actually important to the adventure, i swear

Vicki is still here

[Vicki] for now... that is


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