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The Magic of Music

Trade Wars Era

11-9-1259 TGR - 12-11-1259 TGR

This story took place after the Orcs with Pointy Ears mystery that started the Trade Wars era. After solving the mystery in the Thenti Forest the Dragonslayers followed the trail of a new villain who called herself Mercedes.

This mystery takes place in four Movements:

Movement I

During this part of the adventure the group followed the track of Mercedes along the caravan path. They quickly found out why experienced adventurers stay home safe and warm during the winter.

The group made it to the keep of Sir Malachy McKenna, a Knight with a small keep. He was expecting adventurers to come help him with a problem of Giant Frogs. Then a forest magically appeared and the Dragonslayers decided to help investigate. During the investigation of the Forest of the Rubato they found Kelleen Waterdrop, and her magically transformed boyfriend Kentor Broadleaf. A woman by the name of Octavia McFee who matched the description of Mercedes had worked her magic on the elves of the Rubato forest. The group agreed to help her restore the forest and to return her boyfriend to his normal shape. They went off to find the wizard Kamalotus the Bald to help break these magics.

Movement II

The group traveled east to find Kamalotus' tower. After reassuring Sir McKenna about the new forest that had appeared in his lands the trip east to the tower was uneventful. Using a key levitate spell the party was able to negotiate a river running full with early thaw melt. Upon arriving at the tower they found that it had been destroyed in some sort of cataclysm. They found a door leading to the basement level that seemed to be intact. Entering the basement the group found a couple of vibrant tapestries and some of the mage's possessions. Shortly after entering the chamber a spectre named Montage and his troll spectre followers began to surround the group, quickly taking over Chohen and draining him of life.

Khan seized the next chance he had to break his magical summoning rod to alert Paul of their predicament.

{at this point we jumped back in time to run the Trouble with Trillochs adventure to see what had been happening to the rest of the characters back home}

Paul got the call to come for help and chose to not respond at that moment. He then gathered a few resources and traveled via the pool to where the lower level group was. Upon seeing a handful up top in the ruined tower and knowing the rest were Spectres down below he took the rest of the group back home to Roadhaven. There the group decided to use one of their resources and took the Torc of Choosing with them. Using the Torc to reverse the events at the tower to a point prior to the group going down in the first place Kylia Moirra and Paul were able to save everyone. They then entered the basement and destroyed the Spectres.

Movement III

The group traveled north to the town of Woodwind in pursuit of Mercedes based on clues they found on the tapestries in the basement of Kalamatous's tower. They confirmed that there was a connection between him and Gangwolf, that Gangwolf lived in a magical castle in the mountains north of Woodwind and that Gangwolf and Mercedes had been seen together. The Dragonslayers then took the road north into the mountains to try and find Mercedes where they presumed she would be in the magical castle.

Movement IV

The group found a secret way into the castle and convinced the guardians to let them in. Once inside the castle they convinced the butler to take them upstairs where a large combat ensued. After the combat finished, the group quickly scouted around the upper level. They found a friend of Gangwolf drugged and bound, then they snared Octavia herself. Octavia related the story of what she had been doing, and said that she was following the orders of the "dark skinned man".

The group took this information and the story continued in Deep Dark Dangerous.

Feed Back & Recollections

This was a challenge to link into the story line but I thought the group would appreciate this adventure.

Discussion sections:

Quote during play

[Tori (Vicki)] "Most forests contain orcs somewhere within them."
[Ariella (Christy)] what's missing?
[Tori (Vicki)] "I don't hear any orcs nearby or around us."
[Ariella (Christy)] not the forests in nice neighborhoods
[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Only if the elves are lazy."

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