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The Missing Island

Trade Wars Era

17-2-1260 TGR - ??? TGR

After solving Khamsa's Folly the group received all the information that Meleager could give them. They took this information back home to plot a way of dealing with this threat.

The players needed to do quite a bit of planning which was carried out on these threads.

The NPCs that were involved in this storyline were discussed on a separate page.

17-2-1260 TGR - Rhys leaves for Colmet with messages and to train
17-2-1260 TGR - Val starts training Kit in Tumbling
18-2-1260 TGR - Liam gets teleported to Seagate to start investigations in the Island Kingdoms
19-2-1260 TGR - Finglas, Anterias, Kit, Val & Percy get teleported to where Lord Jocquin is
25-3-1260 TGR {25-3-560 SGR} - Lord Jocquin's group arrives in Seagate.
26-3-1260 TGR - Liam becomes part of the Pirate Red Fish's crew
28-3-1260 TGR - Moirra, Val and Mentor ask Gala to speak to spice merchants through their dreams
3-4-1260 TGR - Liam promoted to Second Mate after successful raid
4-4-1260 TGR {4-4-560 SGR} - Moirra rendezvous with Liam
16-4-1260 TGR {16-4-560 SGR} - Lord Jocquin's group arrives on Borinquen and investigates further options.

17-4-560 SGR - Moirra transports to Borinquen to meet up with Finglas' group

28-4-1260 TGR - Keith finishes researching Imbue with Minor Magic

8-6-1260 TGR - Kit finishes training in Tumbling
17-8-1260 TGR - Rhys returns to Roadhaven after training in Composite Longbow and Bowyer/Fletcher

The Spy 'n Scry Colour Code

Blue - Everything is fine
Green - Come quietly, important information
Yellow - Come right NOW!!

Red - Stay away, or if you come, don't blow my cover
2 Red - Do not come for any reason whatsoever
Black - Make other plans, I'm as good as dead

Feed Back & Recollections

This was a complicated adventure arc to set up and put into play properly. It took a long time for the players to reach this point and I was worried they would think it was a bit anti-climatic. I know some people were surprised at the twists to get here.

Character Quotes

[Moirra (Kaz)] The fact of the matter is, he's not actually bothering us.
[Moirra (Kaz)] We thought he was, and it turns out to all have been Octavia's doing.
[Moirra (Kaz)] And SHE pulled us into it because of Ramone.
[Kit (John)] RAMONE?
[Kit (John)] THAT SLUT
[Moirra (Kaz)] Exactly.
[Kit (John)] ::looks arround::
[Kit (John)] what did he do?
[Moirra (Kaz)] Ramone should be a bit more circumspect about whose heart he breaks.
[Kit (John)] sorry, just so I don't make the same mistake, what does circumspect mean again?

Chat Logs

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