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The Nest

The Nest is the large fortification in the center of Rivers Bend that helps control the harbor and river traffic to and from the Small Kingdoms, Terraguard and beyond. The Nest was built in part as a reaction to the signing of the Treaty of North Hoarbrite that excluded Rivers Bend in 1 SKR. Only 15 years later (15 SKR) 1 RBR The Nest at Rivers Bend is completed and a new calendar for Rivers Bend was started.

The Nest was built by a hired band of Hill Giants that came out of the Central Mountains east of Blackwater and were the first guards used by the ruling council. As the council added additional human and demi-human guards they found they needed to only pick highly qualified individuals to equal the current guards. Anyone hired to be a guard at the Nest needs to have at least expertise in three different weapons including one missile weapon. Each guard must also be specialized in one weapon. This creates a cadre of guards who are more experienced than the rest of the normal population. Some guards for the Nest are drawn from other guards around Rivers Bend and some are drawn from adventurers that sign long term contracts. These elite guards from the Nest are called the Order of the Eagles with a Heraldic Symbol of an equilateral triangle. This represents the three truths of Faithfulness, Readiness & Bravery.

A large courtyard at the base of The Nest contains the giant sized front doors to enter The Nest. From there it is a set of three switchbacks to reach the town of Rivers Bend down below. The opposite side of the courtyard leads up more switchbacks over a pathway called the Traders Reach heading towards Outreach and through to the rest of Everreach. The entrance to The Nest is a set of double wide double high stone doors that can allow easy entrance by Hill Giants.

On the entrance level of The Nest there are some administration offices and small store houses of weapons. The roof top has an open space for any aerial visitors and to provide the best vantage point for guarding the harbor below. There is also a small lighthouse whose light is visible for many miles in every direction. In the lower levels of The Nest there are many barracks and storage rooms that are held vacant for emergencies. There is enough space to fully evacuate everyone in Rivers Bend and the surrounding area.