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The Trouble with Trillochs

Trade Wars Era

8-9-1259 TGR - 9-11-1259 TGR

This story took place after the Trade Wars era had started. The Player Characters had sent their henchmen and followers off to explore the mystery told in the story arc Orcs with Pointy Ears where that group found a new villain who called herself Mercedes. As they continued to track her down during the Magic of Music story life back home continued on its own path.

While the main group of adventurers was doing background investigation along with the normal research and training a problem popped up on the western edge of the Protectorate of ElvenStier.

Campaign Log:

8-9-1259 Morning reports by Brad for Paul ElvenStier & Dilneas for Finglas
9-9-1259 Finglas leaves to learn how to ride Giant Eagles back home (training for 7 weeks), Moirra travels to Wolfspack to talk with the priests there
13-9-1259 Moirra completes her first round of research in the Wolfspack libraries, everyone collects back at Roadhaven
14-9-1259 Morning reports again by Wilson to Kylia & Brad Johnson to Kit reporting about Sormun Knellsong
15-9-1259 group sets out to explore Sormun's home

the group attempts to enter the home but is confounded by something that is sowing violence in the group, they retreat and try to enter again with the same results. They then go in separately in a new tactic.

16-9-1259 Moirra and Paul destroy the rift and complete the mission

Some of the group returned to the necromancer's lair the next day, to scavenge any remaining valuables. They found to their dismay that they forgot it was not so easy to get back to Gon without Paul around. They eventually returned laden down with Sormun's belongings. Rave took the opportunity to gather the alchemy lab parts he could transport and set up a small lab in a building in the outskirts of Rivertown.

The group was doing going about their daily business of living through winter while awaiting news from the group they had sent out a couple of months before. Paul received the summons from the group of henchmen that were away on the Magic of Music adventure to come and help them. On 9-11-1259 TGR he went on a rescue mission.

18-11-1259 Finglas finished training in airborne riding, start training in missile weapon style (2 weeks)

Character Quotes

John - I leave my sword, this is going to work so we will not need it
Guy - famous last words
Kaz - no kidding
Guy - like General Custer - "come on men its only a few indians"

Feed Back & Recollections

This was a small side trek adventure for the higher level characters that took place concurrently with the Orcs with Pointy Ears story arc and the beginning of the Magic of Music story arc.

I've got some feed back for ya: BOB doors suck. I mean, who seriously puts weighted and balanced self closing doors in their house? We can't go anywhere without the doors closing behind us! This isn't some super secret secure prison treasure dungeon of doom, it's just some stupid necromancer's house in a cave. How does he get from the kitchen to the dining room with his food if all the doors close behind him? How does any of this make sense? Not to mention where does everyone get these doors? ***SALE!!! All Dwarven made weighted and balanced doors must go! The old models must leave the lot to make way for next year's models! 50%-75% off! Hurry, limited time only!*** ::grumbles:: -mikE

John and Kaz did a great job of roleplaying the ending of the Necromancer's lair part of this story arc. Once again a great plan going in with one small bit forgotten. They turned it into a great ending with roleplaying that had the others applauding at the end.

John's input: Please do not forget about Fritz, amazing things happen when he is around. Even with his character out of the fight, Fritz and his character are always ready to push things to the next level. Fritz pushed us to play on, Rave pushed Paul into working on a plan and it worked, for the most part.

Kaz's two cents: There would have been no resolution without Fritz and John. I still have no clue what the hell they were talking about, but it worked! :-D You guys amaze me constantly with how much you know - not just John and Fritz, but all of you... Lorie, Hans, Mike, Christy - you've all forgotten more about how the game works than I'll ever actually understand.

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