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The Wandering Years

1-1-1246 TGR to 27-6-1247 TGR

This was a time after the group returned home from Gallimurfee and ended their time as Kings Adventurers and were starting to find a new home for themselves. They first returned to Thedd and then found themselves wandering in search of more adventures.

Starts just after the year as King’s Adventurers

1-1-1246 Festival for Faith upon return to Gallimurfee, training for Arana stay in new manor house, set up housekeeping travel to Wolfspack, stay at Wine Women & More Wine, travel to remains of Thedd arrive on 5-5-1246

6-5-1246 revisit the dungeon, clear most of first level, attacked by shambling mounds and others, go upstairs

7-5-1246 investigate magic items, heal, rest

8-5-1246 go back downstairs, break elevator room, find feral adventurer, go back upstairs travel to Wolfspack arrive on 19-5-1246, have items identified, stay at Wine Women & More Wine

1-6-1246 arrive back in Thedd

2-6-1246 go back down into the dungeon, find magical pool that turns gold to lead, then find living wall do battle, spend night in dungeon, encounter deep gnomes, Faith & Willow sucked into wall, Kylia escapes, levitates up chute, kill gargoyles, and makes it upstairs. Take time to heal and rest

5-6-1246 Erana goes insane trying to cast a knock spell , the adventurers go upstairs

6-6-1246 Christy & Hans bring in new characters (Andreas & Celese) go back into dungeon after casting cure disease on Erana, go back into dungeon with new characters while Erana heals

7-6-1246 go back into dungeon, find letter on corpse, venture deeper into dungeon, reverse ambush on Tren, revisit the coffin room, attacked by Haunt, Son of Kyuss, and 6 Wraiths. Celese, Choney and Kylia are drained, go upstairs.

8-6-1246 leave for Mactirr to try and get restores, skirt around Wolfspack

27-6-1246 arrive in Mactirr go to Tetten Hall, recieve 4 restores, & receive map to liches phylactrady, discuss the cost later

28-6-1246 receive globe with 4 glowing lights in it. “Journey off the beaten path” Group travels through Annora along eastern edge; the “Earth Tones” adventure

4-7-1246 venture into dwarven stead, ambushed by duergar, spend the night after casting raise dead on Grigory (Sean), then venture down to the third level, slay the two golems, encounter duergar leader and get challenged to a duel, win & evict the duergar. Find and kill the iron golem. Go back to town, and leave the next day.

6-7-1246 encounter hill giants & young green dragon, later that day encounter Sir Justin and agree to go to Colmet and undertake the “Mistress on the Mere” adventure

9-7-1246 arrive in Colmet

10-7-1246 start on adventure

Break in daily record keeping restart at beginning of “Lady of the Mists”

11-1-1247 Beginning of “Lady of Mists” venture onto island, Sean turned to stone outside. Clean out first three levels, Erana drained spend the night in third floor bedroom

12-1-1247 start exploring misty stairway, find lady, finish adventure

13-1-1247 travel north to pass leading to Maftarn

16-1-1247 arrive in Revaunt

17-1-1247 start My Lady’s Mirror in the morning, venture into the castle through the front door, (Melissa’s first adventure), finish adventure, rescue most of the servants, Draconis joins party

18-1-1247 leave to return body to Balzton

26-1-1247 arrive in Balzton, collect reward, train for 4th level spells, leave for Thedd

26-4-1247 go down into basement with Draconis (Marco) & Mara (Melissa) for first time, find lemurs and young green dragon, get teleported to the endless waste, run “Storm Riders”

Spend five weeks adventuring, arrive in Hallstatt

23-6-1247 start “The Wayward Wood”

27-6-1247 end of “Wandering Wood”, start training with Druids, do misc. adventures, set up Draconis’ thieves guild, set up Kylia’s keep, start basic exploring of valley, Paul (John), restart after one year of setting up

Feed Back & Recollections

This was the hardest time in the campaign. Twice in the months that these adventures took place during I was worried I might need to 'reset' the campaign to keep things interesting for people. As usual I was over thinking things and we sailed on through to continuing fun adventures afterwards.