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Year as King's Adventurers

Start on 1-12-1244 TGR to 1-1-1246 TGR

This was a time in the history of the Dragonslayers that they were in dire need a favor from a very powerful source. The group desired a resurrection spell from a High Priest in Gallimurfee and in exchange for that they performed a task for her. She owed the King of Gallimurfee a favor; so when the Dragonslayers took over this debt the King had them spend a year working as 'The King's Adventurers' while allowing them to continue living in Thedd

This is the journal from that time:

A Year as King’s Adventurers

Start on 1-12-1244

2 weeks training

1 week travel to Wingstone?

1-1-1245 New Year’s Day

1 week for Tournament, Kraython places Third in long distance running event

1 week travel to Ballzton

1 week stay

1 week travel back to Gallimurfee

11-2-1245 arrive at palace

2 days rest before tax collecting mission

1 day to Sten’s manor, arrive on 14-2-1245

15-2-1245 “talk” to Sten, then travel to Ben’s manor

16-2-1245 talk with Ben, travel back Sten’s manor

18-2-1245 take Sten back to palace, “agrees to service”

19-2-1245 revisit Ben at his manor

1-3-1245 back to palace, no money from Ben

3-3-1245 Feast celebrating start of Green Dragon Hunt

4-3-1245 leave for Pagmalia

8-3-1245 arrive in Pag, talk with Mhoram Dahl

9-3-1245 visit Duke of Invergarry? & Archbishop of Hades, return to Pag

10-3-1245 leave for Wolfspack

19-3-1245 arrive in Wolfspack, encouraged not to enter city

20-3-1245 leave for Thedd

1-4-1245 arrive in Thedd

2-4-1245 Hobgoblins arrive, taken prisoner, chase finds large clearing with village, later other Hobgoblins burn down town in the evening

3-4-1245 leave for Wolfspack

12-4-1245 arrive in Wolfspack, drop off villagers, pay for 3 months living expenses, Kal el goes to Gelligaer, Manny & (Marco) goes to Rivertown, Electra? stays in Wolfspack to write scrolls, Henin? stays in Harwood?.

13-4-1245 Electra? starts working on scrolls

14-4-1245 Kal el arrives in Gelligaer

21-4-1245 Electra finishes a scroll with 2 cure minor wounds

28-4-1245 Electra finishes a scroll with 1 dispel magic

7-5-1245 Electra finishes a scroll with 1 repair injury (cursed, transport 400 miles)

13-5-1245 Electra finishes a scroll with 1 Effacious Monster Ward

20-5-1245 Electra finishes a scroll with 1 Hold Poison

9-6-1245 Electra finishes a scroll with 2 Neutralize Poison

19-6-1245 Electra finishes a scroll of Cure Serious Wounds for temple of Artimis

25-6-1245 Kal el finishes training for 5th lvl spells, gets Wall of Stone

27-6-1245 Kal el arrives in Rivertown

28-6-1245 group together and leaves for Gallimurfee

19-7-1245 arrive in Gallimurfee

20-7-1245 audience with king’s advisers

21-7-1245 leave for western lair

22-7-1245 arrive at western lair, block up front entrance with wall of stone, then put a 10’x18’ pier out over the upper entrance with a wall of stone, spend night in woods nearby

23-7-1245 place another wall of stone to block up the front entrance further, then at noon leave for Pag.

26-7-1245 arrive in Pag. Then visit St Orlands?, and call the Storm Giant. Discuss options about dealing with Green Mistress. Receive a Ring of Hill Giant Control on loan, then get transport to the centaur village.

28-7-1245 visit with centaurs, stay the night with them

1-8-1245 given a potion of green dragon breath resistance from dryads. Pixies visit the group on their way to the hill giants, give a map of entrance to lair, visit the hill giants, convince the two sons to join them, mother says for 3 days

3-8-1245 arrive at lair, watch as three small dragons fly away, wall up the small entrance, enter the large cave, go in through water, ambushed by Kuo Toa, Henin? escapes then captured again, dragon plays tether ball, rest of group appears, breath dissolves Henin?, Electra dies from second breath, Manny dies pinned under the dragon, Faith kills the dragon that round. Faith, Yukina, Willow, and one Hill Giant are left standing. In the clean-up Faith uses the cursed scroll, the group is transported to a spot in the plains of Everreach. Wait to find direction based on sun, then walk north. Found by group of warriors and agree to transport the adventurers to Outreach. Leave that day. Travel a total of 900 miles on journey.

8-10-1245 Arrive in Outreach. Join up with a group of merchants transporting tapestries to Rivers Bend.

23-10-1245 Arrive in Rivers Bend. Book passage to Gallimurfee by boat. Arrive 60 days later.

1-12-1245 year ends

1-1-1246 Arrive in Gallimurfee. Present dragon skull to king. Huge celebration. Faith made Royal Dragonslayer

Feed Back & Recollections

This story arc culminated in the grand battle royale of the Green Mistress facing the Dragonslayers and it coming down to killing her on the last round before she killed the last person standing. It was a great moment that the people at the table that night shared for years to come.