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Thedd Story Arcs

6-4-1243 TGR to 1-12-1244 TGR

This time of the campaign was one of exploring and a large traditional dungeon crawl. The group had many encounters, trials and tribulations in trying to build up and then maintain a stronghold in this area.

The first time the Dragonslayers had visited this area was on 5-8-1240 TGR where they encountered a manor on the edge of the Bronda Hills and Kryptgarden Forest that was in disrepair. In previous adventures there they had cleared the roadway of many dangers, and explored part of the dungeons under the manor house. The group decided that this was the time to start a serious effort to build and maintain a stronghold here at Thedd.

This culminates in the death several characters and in exchange for resurrections the Dragonslayers spend The Year as King’s Adventurers.

start rebuilding houses on 6-4-1243 TGR many trips down into the dungeons below

11-8-1244 attack by Green Mistress

Towers of Transportation 10-8-1244 TGR - 18-9-1244 TGR

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