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Third Time is Tradition

From 15-11-348 SKR to ??? SKR

After the end of Building Dragon Fen during the For the Love of Mist Era the group started out to tie up loose ends. The first one seemed obvious. Skull Church had already cropped up twice again since the group moved back and it had been nine years from the first time the Dragonslayers first encountered the undead lair and five years after Tristan had abandoned his plans to convert the church to the Kayugan faith. Previous visits included Skull Church and the The Enemy of my Enemy stories.

After Tiberius died in during this adventure Branwyn took a group to Loosend to have him resurrected. In exchange for this favor the Greek church tasked her with finding the sacred Scallop Shell of Aphrodite during the Court of Thanes story arc.

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Character Quotes

[Toybin (Master)] Soon you will chop down that forest and all will be well
Hoffman (JohnA)] Lady Branwyn has ... oh no no, not That forest
Hoffman (JohnA)] We are considering going the other way, further into the Wastes
Hoffman (JohnA)] Bring life, not take it
Hoffman (JohnA)] Branwyn likes a challenge

Thistle (Carissa) shrugs, "I'm just going because no one is here to stop me this time."
Brer Necholas (TMO)] Do we need to stop you?
Hoffman (JohnA)] Thistle, you are not invited
[Snezana (Spring)] kids don't get to go to slaughters. it's a thing

Hoffman (JohnA)] we will see if I get to confront the new cloak, you know I just see red

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