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Note: This kit is taken from the book Skills and Powers.

Another Thug kit is available from the Complete Thief's Handbook.

This kit is recommended only for non good-aligned characters. As the outlaw makes his home and living on the fringes of civilization, the thug makes his way in cities. A thug knows the streets and alleys, and he knows the shadowy places best. In the darkest parts of town he lies in wait for unsuspecting prey—such as travelers new to the city, those who become lost in the maze of streets and alleys, and those on their way home after having a bit too much to drink. Thugs might be street ruffians, members of press gangs, gang enforcers, or barroom rowdies. In any case, they tend to be loud, obnoxious, and prone to violence.

Social ranks: Most thugs come from low-income families, and it is this background that leads them to their questionable lifestyle. Roll 2d6 to determine a thug’s social rank.
2d6 roll Rank
2–8 Lower Class
9–12 Lower Middle Class

Recommendations: Thugs must have minimum Strength/Muscle and Charisma/Appearance scores of 10. This is barred to aarakocra, kobolds, satyrs, and swanmays. Only fighters and thieves may select this kit.

Weapon proficiencies: Small or easily concealed weapons are the thug’s favorites, as they can be carried most anywhere. These include: daggers, dirks, hand axes, knives, blowguns, and slings. However, thugs can carry any weapon that is allowed by their adventuring class.

Recommended nonweapon proficiencies: Blind-fighting, endurance, gaming, jumping, rope use, running.

Equipment: Most thugs like to wear as little armor and carry as few pieces of equipment as possible—as they like to move about unencumbered. However, some thugs prefer wearing bulky armor and carrying big weapons to intimidate others.

Recommended traits: Fast healer, keen eyesight, keen hearing, keen sense of touch, light sleeper.

Benefits: Due to their rough-and-tumble lifestyle and penchant for street brawls, thugs gain a +1 bonus to all damage rolls.

Hindrances: Thugs are often wanted by the local law enforcers. In a relatively confined area such as a city, a thug can never relax. Around the next corner might be a member of the constabulary—or the thug’s next victim.

Wealth: Standard for the character’s class.