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Tieran Guild

The Tieran Guild was started by Ilero upon his return from Dryads Lair. The headquarters and training center is in Foriso Town on the eastern edge of the Dragon Fen Estates.

Jon the SailorLanek ? Kazimir Huisto Dara Amastacia Paelias Nailo
HumanHuman?HumanHigh ElfHigh Elf
Machin Lina Guiote Michel Onaldkelrad TruebloodAcorn
HumanHumanHumanHumanHill DwarfKercpa


Personality suggestions:

  • The one who has a big family and what ever comes up says someone in his family did something similar - John
  • The one that always repeats what they are asked - John
  • Showboater and/or cupcake topper (are they the same thing? always showing off and/or trying to outdo someone) - Carissa
  • Horrendous memory and/or bad at listening (also similar and or same; imagining a game of telephone...) - Carissa


  • Nephew of Farmer, followed Ilero from north to join Guild. (Kazimir Huisto)

Direct links for Machin & Kazimir:

Fallen Members:

  • Oppleby Fiddlefen - Gnome F3/T3 - Bullywug assault on the Lighthouse
  • Siffress Wildwander - Gnome F3/T3 - Giant Spider poison in the caves under Skull Church