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To Bite the Moon

Trade Wars Era

2-12-1259 TGR - 3-12-1259 TGR

This story was part of the negotiations that took place during the Deep Dark Dangerous adventure. The group had tracked down Meleager 'the dark skinned man' and found that they needed to negotiate with his captor Lydia for permission to speak with him.

The group found out they needed to bring back a magical short sword named Jorkki. The name is inscribed on the blade and the hilt ends in a golden claw-shaped hand balled into a fist around three rubies two red and one black. It was being brought back by a dwarf who was ambushed by gnolls. The gully where the wagon train was ambushed is a one-day journey from the hamlet of Fortunado. The gnoll lair is another two days' journey, up into the mountains.

As the characters started to explore the gnoll lair they had a nasty surprise. They were all magically transformed into gnolls themselves.

After recovering and managing to blend in with the gnolls the group decided to ambush them in their sleep. They managed to kill many gnolls before being discovered. They then claimed the key to the sanctuary and investigated where the goddess the gnolls worshiped kept her treasures.

A quick raid and attack allowed the group to recover the sword, which bonded with Liam.

Feed Back & Recollections

This was a short side trek as part of the larger adventure Deep Dark Dangerous. As with all the Trade Wars stories there were a couple of discussion threads:

to help the players solve problems outside of game nights.

I liked running this, it was a nice jolt to the players to have their characters transformed into Gnolls for a couple of game sessions. It forced some creativity to solve problems and of course the problem of changing back to their normal selves.

Some of the players complained that the change over was a gimmick. I responded that it was to an extent because the group was so powerful at this point that even if I cut off someone's leg they would just regenerate it/repair it in a matter of hours. What was important that everyone had fun and there was a bit of a challenge.

As expected one of the key issues was not being gnolls, but in how to deal with the magical sword at the center of the adventure.

Character Quotes

[Refnara (BOB)] you are not entertaining me
[Finglas (Death)] "I don't care quite frankly."
[Refnara (BOB)] what is your name so I may put it on your grave stone
[Finglas (Death)] "Your entertainment means nothing to me."
[Finglas (Death)] "You might want to know that we are not gnolls."
[Finglas (Death)] "We just look like gnolls. I am quite confident that we are stronger than you are."
[Refnara (BOB)] no gnoll would be foolish enough to make me angry
[Finglas (Death)] "We come asking for the sword. If we must, we are prepared to take it."
[Finglas (Death)] "Would you deal with us peaceably?"
[Refnara (BOB)] I doubt you can, do you think I am some mere minor presence here to gather trinkets?
[Finglas (Death)] "You are a fake goddess to gnolls. We have already killed true gods of chaos."
[Finglas (Death)] "So yes, you are a minor presence gathering trinkets."
[Refnara (BOB)] you do not believe in gods?
[Finglas (Death)] "I believe in them. I've killed some."
[Refnara (BOB)] you can not kill a god, any more than you can cage the wind
[Finglas (Death)] "Oh, that's been done, too. Used it as a key as I recall."
[Liam Dugan (Guy)] you would be surprised at what can be accomplished when ones mind is truly set on a goal

Chat Logs

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