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Trade Wars

2-9-1259 TGR to current

This period came after the Team Building era. During the last couple of adventures of that time there were hints that someone was blaming the Dragonslayers for crimes against caravans in several lands. The group chose this time to take an active roll in finding out who was framing them, traveling over vast distances to track down the perpetrators. They explored several locations including the adventures:

Character Quotes

Kahn - Why do wizards always seem to have towers? Where is my tower?

Mike - BOB, are you going to try and use every obscure mage type in this adventure?

[Tori (Vicki)] "Most forests contain orcs somewhere within them."
[Ariella (Christy)] what's missing?
[Tori (Vicki)] "I don't hear any orcs nearby or around us."
[Ariella (Christy)] not the forests in nice neighborhoods
[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Only if the elves are lazy."

John - I leave my sword, this is going to work so we will not need it
Guy - famous last words
Kaz - no kidding
Guy - like General Custer - "come on men its only a few indians"

Chohen - tucks a flower into the drow's clothing
Moirra - looks at Chohen quizzically.
Chohen - looks back at Moirra, it is a gift for her
Kylia - You dolt :; pauses :: Really now?
Kylia - You're a suitor? You randomly produced a flower?
Chohen - blushes, not a suitor, just a friend
Kylia - Picked it here in the sunny weather?
Kylia - :: shakes head ::
Kylia - Moirra what do you think?
Moirra - stares hard at Chohen for a moment, then turns back to look toward Rave.
Moirra - I think men are idiots.
Moirra - Shall we go topple the giant idiot, my Lady?

[Refnara (BOB)] you are not entertaining me
[Finglas (Death)] "I don't care quite frankly."
[Refnara (BOB)] what is your name so I may put it on your grave stone
[Finglas (Death)] "Your entertainment means nothing to me."
[Finglas (Death)] "You might want to know that we are not gnolls."
[Finglas (Death)] "We just look like gnolls. I am quite confident that we are stronger than you are."
[Refnara (BOB)] no gnoll would be foolish enough to make me angry
[Finglas (Death)] "We come asking for the sword. If we must, we are prepared to take it."
[Finglas (Death)] "Would you deal with us peaceably?"
[Refnara (BOB)] I doubt you can, do you think I am some mere minor presence here to gather trinkets?
[Finglas (Death)] "You are a fake goddess to gnolls. We have already killed true gods of chaos."
[Finglas (Death)] "So yes, you are a minor presence gathering trinkets."
[Refnara (BOB)] you do not believe in gods?
[Finglas (Death)] "I believe in them. I've killed some."
[Refnara (BOB)] you can not kill a god, any more than you can cage the wind
[Finglas (Death)] "Oh, that's been done, too. Used it as a key as I recall."
[Liam Dugan (Guy)] you would be surprised at what can be accomplished when ones mind is truly set on a goal

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I can proceed...WITH A LIGHT...(and totally ruin my characters true talents) in order to speed up game play. But if I die I will come back as a Pixie Ghost and haunt Finglas for eternity!!!
[mikE] he can turn

[Fritz] You all need to help me with the wording of the wish people.
[Fritz] Do you think we should do the wishing well or something else?
(John) there are wish people? can I be a wish person?
[Christy] if I die I am sooo coming back as a wish person

Mike - I can't wait to get out of here and into hell

[Moirra (Kaz)] The fact of the matter is, he's not actually bothering us.
[Moirra (Kaz)] We thought he was, and it turns out to all have been Octavia's doing.
[Moirra (Kaz)] And SHE pulled us into it because of Ramone.
[Kit (John)] RAMONE?
[Kit (John)] THAT SLUT
[Moirra (Kaz)] Exactly.
[Kit (John)] ::looks arround::
[Kit (John)] what did he do?
[Moirra (Kaz)] Ramone should be a bit more circumspect about whose heart he breaks.
[Kit (John)] sorry, just so I don't make the same mistake, what does circumspect mean again?

Feed Back & Recollections

I created this Era to have a mystery for the players to solve that would stretch over several minor story arcs. I planted the seeds for this Era in side comments for a quite a while with the first time the characters ears perked up being Jan 18 08 (9-8-1259 TGR).

There are several good discussions and new pages that the players used to collect and coordinate the information and stories from this time.

Both Calendars and Languages became very important during this time as the characters ventured outside of their normal stomping grounds. I cut two story arcs out of this adventure when the players seemed to want to move quicker towards wrapping up the Era. I totally dropped out a semi-tibetian/mongolian area side trip and reduced an African side trip to a bit of dialog instead.

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