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Test Vault

This location deep in the jungles of Thalion has been used for many years as a test by the Queens there. This is the farthest west any artifacts from the Manetho Empire have been found.

The Dragonslayers visited here and completed The Test {Treasure vault of Kasil 7-12-538 SGR} during one of the times they visited the Island Kingdoms.

In a clearing of the jungle along the southeastern ridgeline is a large square obsidian platform. It extends fifteen feet up from the jungle floor and stretches sixty feet on a side. A broad set of steps leads up to the platform in the center of the side facing the southeast. Ascending the steps is symbolic of ascending the mountain. Each corner of the platform as a large square pedestal nine foot tall with a stone gargoyle on the top that is staring at the center of the platform. In the center of the platform is a square of grey rock ten foot on each side and three foot high. The four sides of this block are all engraved with writing in some ancient language.

(Originally in Dungeon Magazine #13)