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Treaty of North Hoarbrite

This is the agreement between Drillian, Gold Hills, Blackwater and Carnak that formalized a defense compact against outside forces; primarily seen as Terraguard. Rivers Bend and Loosend were not included in the protection, leading to differing reactions by both independent cities.

The treaty was signed in the town of North Hoarbrite that lies below the Castle Hoarbrite in the Hoarbrite Pass. The rulers of all four countries ratified the treaty on 912 TGR which started a new calendar reckoning of 1 SKR. Later on 210 SKR Jarvis was added to the treaty.

The impetuous for the creation of the Treaty of North Hoarbrite was two fold. The Countries of the Small Kingdoms were reaching a point of dealing with internal pressures at the same time that outside forces were beginning to see the increased wealth potential for moving into the territory.

Terraguard named Dryads Lair as the third Principality of the Crown in 900 TGR (-11 SKR). The rulers of Gold Hills and Drillian did not believe the official proclamation that it was done to establish a western boundary for the Kingdom and as a to reward the Crown Princess Melody. Queen Elizabeth Cowles of Drillian and the King of Gold Hills met and began a defense agreement but realized they would need the help of the barbarians from Carnak and that Blackwater's internal struggles and use of Mercenary Units would also factor into the size of creating any army of defense.

Rivers Bend had sent representatives to the meeting at North Hoarbrite from the Del Trill family. The exact reason is shrouded in mystery but it has always been rumored that some sort of incident between Del Trill and Queen Elizabeth Cowles resulted in onerous terms being presented for Rivers Bend to join in the treaty. She publicly threatened to forcibly take the city and add it to Drillian at the conclusion of the conference.