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Tristan Elaire


Tristan was the fourth son born into the noble Elaire family. His father was Baron Emrick Elaire, in the Kingdom of Orts. His father's lands were modestly fertile, but the majority of their family's wealth came from the tax revenue from the markets that were held on a weekly basis. It was also during these market fairs that court was held. Tristan was fastinated with his father's ability to turn the worst situations into something that could benefit him or his lands. It was also during these meetings that Tristan learned how the political system could be manipulated for personal gain or the downfall of an adversary.

However, he also knew that it would not be his good fortune to inherit any land or title from his father. Thus, as a child he studied hard with his numerous tutors and martial trainers. The scholars his father secured for his children taught them all they would need to know to rule after his father was gone. Tristan knew it would be up to him to make a name for himself and honor his father by bringing prestiege to his household. In addition to the scholars, his father had a small temple dedicated to Cahus to protect him and his men in battles. It was there that Tristan would pray and listen to the preaching of priests who held ceremonies honoring Cahus. It was these same priests that would teach Tristan how to defend himself in battle, and how to be a good leader in battles.

So at the age of 14 Tristan left his father's household to join the clergy, a practice common to a young man of his upbringing and inheritance line. There he continued his education in religion, military tactics, and how to win over a crowd. After 10 years studying and fighting the pagen religions trying to convert their faithful, he has been sent by the head of his order to a church in the swamps of Drillian. To a place called the Jistille Estates where a new church to the Kayugan gods has been constructed.