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Uthe - Kayugan - Priests - Gods

Uthe is mother of the gods. She gave birth to both Belinos and Brennios. She is also called “The Mother Goddess” as she created the heavens, land and streams. All living things are tied to her. She is a loving mother and loathes undead. She considers them to be an abomination to her master plan. She will often speak to her priests and let them know of any location that necromancy is practiced and ask them to destroy it. She gave birth to the twin gods, Belinos and Brennios. It breaks her heart to see them at war but she refuses to interfere. Silently hoping one day her sons will find it in their hearts to forgive each other.

Role-playing Notes:

Uthe will often appear to her priests in visions, giving them guidance like a loving mother to a lost child. She loves all she created, ruling over all the elements and life in this world. She can also be wrathful. She always gives her “lost children” a chance to repent. Whenever she sees someone destroying or abusing her creatures she will often send them warnings in the form of a violent storm or even send a woodland messenger to tell them to change their ways. Failure to listen can often lead to perilous ruin for those foolish enough to ignore her.

Gods Information

Alignment: NG
Worshiper's Alignment: Any non-evil
Area of Control: Life, The Elements, Creation, Nature, Weather
Symbol: A rising sun on a horizon

Avatar Information

Notes and descriptions of how the God's Avatar appears.

Str Dex Con
Int Wis Cha

Special Att/Def: description of the special attacks, defenses, and abilities of the Avatar

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Wis 9+
Alignment: Any non-evil
Turning: Turn
Armor: Any
Weapons: Any blunt weapon
Level Limit: N/A
Hit Die: D8

Major: All, Animal, Creation, Healing, Plant, Elemental (earth, air, water), Necromancy
Minor: Weather

Level 1 - Healing Non-weapon Proficiency
Level 5 - Speak with Animals once per day/level
Level 10 - Robe of Healing once per month

Duties of the Priesthood

Uthe’s followers believe in the preservation of life. However, that does not mean they are pacifist. They also understand that Uthe created a circle of life and that when they are threatened they will do what they can to protect themselves and their companions. They will also hunt down those who seek to subjugate, enslave, or kill other creatures as they see it as a denial to the given rights of all creatures to live their lives to the fullest, for as long as Uthe gives them in this world. They will raise the dead but only when they fall fighting those Uthe wished destroyed. Otherwise they feel raising the dead is unnatural and a slight to Uthe’s grand plan. There is much discussion and disagreement about this in temples between followers of Belinos and those who follow Uthe.

Known Worshipers

Chloe Hargrove - 2nd level priestess at the Church of the Defending Mage in the Jistille Estates