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Valley of Dog-Men

Located near the Valley of Exiles, but deeper in the Kun-Yen Shan, this valley is home to a thriving colony of gnolls. Unique to the region, their ancestors were originally summoned by a wizard to defend his home. The wizard has long since died, but the gnolls have remained and bred. They now have a sizeable colony in the valley, 389 in all.

Called “dog-men” by the few natives who have encountered them, the gnolls are the source of many interesting legends and folklore. At first, descriptions from travelers told of dog-headed humans of brutal savagery. Later legends added the claim that the women were beautiful and the men animal savages. Naturally, rumors of fabulous treasures were fit to these tales. By now, the gnolls are described as living in a marvelous valley of riches where the women are enslaved by hideous dog-faced men. Of course, those who have seen the gnolls would hardly agree.

The gnolls are only now beginning to expand beyond the borders of their valley. Several patrols have ventured afield, searching for new territories to conquer. A few deserted valleys have been found, and one patrol blundered into the Valley of Exiles. This one was attacked but survivors have returned to the gnoll village with their reports.

The chieftain of the gnolls intends to mount a raid on the exiles sometime soon.