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Valley of the Shan Sao

Isolated from the other valleys in the Kun-Yen Shan is a small, heavily forested homeland of the shan sao. This valley is one of the strongholds of this mysterious race. There are approximately 300 shan sao living in the valley, divided between 15 different settlements.

Although not aggressive, these creatures do not like intruders and will harry travelers passing through their lands. In addition to the shan sao, this valley also has a high proportion of tigers, including the rare and valuable white tigers. These beasts live in peace with the shan sao (who are their allies). The valley is famous for the quality of the tiger pelts that can be taken there. These pelts commonly fetch five to ten times the normal price for tiger skins. The location of the valley is known to a few hunters, and is considered a prized family secret. Of course, bringing the tiger pelts back is no simple hunt. The alliance between the shan sao and the tigers (along with the great number of tigers to be found), makes these tiger hunts particularly dangerous.