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Velikaya River

The Velikaya River is one of the Great Rivers of the world that flows south from a small lake in the mountains on the edge of the Northern Wastes. The Velikaya continues on a southern course and becomes a slow moving but broad river that travels along the eastern side of the Central Mountains collecting more runoff and growing ever deeper and wider.

The Velikaya helps to protect the Gold Hills and the rest of the Small Kingdoms from too many incursions from Terraguard and the wild areas nearby such as the Cordrawn Hills. The Velikaya is known as the Big River in Gold Hills. There is a ferry service from Gold Hills across and into Terraguard that carries some trade back and forth across the river as well as providing small docking ports for other trade traffic going up or down stream.

The Velikaya flows past Dryads Lair and joins the Narva River just beyond the city. The river then continues on to form Lake Peipus where the Rumbling River that flows from the East and the Chandler Cowles River flows from the West. South of the city of Rivers Bend it joins the Great Swamp.