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Victoriana "Tori" Sousterra

Victoriana was born to a human mother. Not knowing who her father was for many years, Victoriana lived among the humans, near the edge of Rivertown. Tori always knew she was different, but her mother avoided answering her questions regarding her color and her odd looks. Tori was raised to believe that it didn't matter how one looked, as long as she knew she was loved. Well, that only held true in her mother's eyes. She soon learned that it did matter. As Tori grew older, she learned that she was half human, and half orc; her father was an orc.

When Tori was old enough to be on her own, she wanted to adventure out to find her father. She had a vague idea of which way her mother had gone since her mother had told her the story about her father and how she came across meeting him. She started going in the general direction of Northeast. She had started her journey away from home at dusk. She went into the trees at the northern end of the bridge. It was well after dark and she had come across a few stray adventurers and they had started attacking her when they realized she wasn't fully human. She had stayed close to the river so she knew where she was. She had gone in a westerly direction, following the river. She eventually came across some orcs. They looked as though they were pirates and had been on the river. She started asking in the common language of humans that she knew, if anyone knew what she was saying. Eventually, one spoke up in the common language of humans and spoke to her. She stated that she was looking for her father. She had told the orc what she had learned from Aislinn. The orc listened to her story and remembered her human mother who had also found him by accident just like Tori did. The orc had taught Tori the orcish language and customs. Tori had spent some time out on the river with her father.

While Tori was out on the river, she learned to speak the orcish language fluently. When they came back to the land again nearby where Tori had met her father, he had told her that she had better go, since not many orcs tolerated half-breeds. Tori, was once again, on her own. Tori had made her way back to Rivertown. She had her newly acquired items with her, which she had picked up on her way out to find her father, and kept them close to her. She had asked about these items and was led to Sebrina, who ran an art gallery in Rivertown. Sebrina had sensed some magic in them and told Tori that she'd be able to learn more when she found the Dragonslayers, an adventuring group she had spent many years with. Tori had adventured out again to find the Dragonslayers in Roadhaven. When she did, she asked about the items and it seems she needed to find someone else to talk to about it.

Tori had found the Dragonslayers in Roadhaven and had immediately set off on another adventure. This time, she was with the group and barely had time to make introductions. Seems this group was busy going from one adventure to another. That was fine with her, as she didnít talk much, and she didnít know what to say to a group of people of mixed races. She already had the feeling that some didnít like her appearance much, but that didnít bother her. She was used to that by now.

In between adventures, she would wander into the night alone, speaking in orc so no one understood her, looking up to the sky, wishing her mother was able to be with her during her adventures. If one did understand orc, they would hear her saying before an adventure, ďMother, I wish you were here with me, and we could go on adventures together. You would like being able to explore, like you used to before you had me.Ē

After the last adventure in the volcano, Tori went out into the night, laid down on the grass, and looked up at the night sky. She looked around and made sure no one else was around. She whispered in orc at the sky. If one were to hear and understand her, they would hear her say, "Mother, you would not have liked going on the adventure. It would have been too hot for you. We went into a temple that rested practically inside a volcano. You wouldn't be surprised who we found at our last adventure. Someone I already know. Rave was held prisoner at the temple. He was chasing someone who was captured. You know about the guild I belong to, that was also the place I met Rave."

The seasons had changed soon after, so Tori wasn't able to go outside at night without bundling up in extra clothing. So she would sit by a window. The next night, she went to the window and muttered, in orc, at the sky, "I'm going on another trip, Mother. I am going into the woods with a bunch of henchmen and we'll probably come across some orcs. I'm nervous, since I was told by Ringkostesh that orcs aren't known to tolerate half breeds. Maybe I'll prove them wrong though, I can fight just as good as an orc. Ringkostesh taught me, and he also taught me to speak the orcish language. So it's not like they will take us by surprise. I don't know fully what to expect. I shall see what this next adventure holds for me."

After several adventures with the Dragonslayers, Tori went into the underdark. Tori stayed with the group until they had to cross the Single Bridge. The group was told that they must cross one at a time, not doing so would result in the bridge disappearing. She walked across the bridge first. She got entangled with something and couldn't cross on her own. Rave had helped Tori across with magic, since he couldn't physically be on the bridge as well. Tori made it across the bridge, only to be attacked by something or someone. She was knocked unconscious and couldn't fight back. She never woke up from that state. Her body corroded in the acid.

As Told by Tori
Tori's Will

Mother - Aislinn Rhor
Father - Ringkostesh Sousterra