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As Told by Tori

Written by Val'Iant

Entry 1

I have asked Val'Iant? to write this for me, as I cannot read or write. I have found that there are only a few of us who can speak orc, but they are people I already know about. Mentor and Val'Iant? can speak orc as well as I.

Entry 2

So far, we've come across a Druid, an orc, and an elf. I'm not so sure I'd like being called an orc when clearly I'm only half orc. I get this feeling that they are referring to Rold, the orc we have in our custody for the time being. This wizard in this tower better not be too far off, considering there's a short amount of time for us to leave the tower before being unable to.

Entry 3

We're inside a tower and have gone up and down the stairs a few times. We have visited each floor at least twice. I have only seen a sleeping being on the third floor, and it appears that we're stuck now and it's dark out. I do as I'm told here considering this is a wizard's tower, and I have no knowledge of magic firsthand. I have seen some others back home, but I wouldn't know what to do. I personally don't want to mess up something and not be able to explain it. I haven't any idea what to do to wake up someone who cannot be woken with noise and being pounded on. At this point, I will listen to Khan, Val'Iant?, and Mentor. Perhaps they know what to do. This may just be up Val'Iant's? and Mentor's alley. Maybe they can do something where I cannot.

I am very curious about Rold. As an orc, why hasn't he said much in the way of the elves with us, or about the elves in this tower? Is he able to speak in Common as well? Is he truly an orc or appear to be one? All I know is, he does, in fact, understand orc, and can speak orc.

For some reason, Khan isn't very trusting to anything around here. Maybe he'll share once this adventure is over and we clear the name of the DragonSlayers.

Entry 4

Winter is closing in, and we found out that the sleeping mage was likely under a charm while she was elsewhere in sleep. We're to be heading south and east. Hopefully, we'll miss the snowfall that is soon closing in, and catch the person(s) that is impersonating the DragonSlayers.

Mentor and Val'Iant? want to bring Rold along with us. It may be of help, and it may not be. Would it be possible that the orcs fight with other tribes? I do not know. I do know that they may still attack us, since the orc happens to be among humans, elves, and half-breeds. Those that run off a few days back, may be gathering more to rescue the one orc that surrendered. Then again, they may come back and kill him. Not many are very tolerant of being amongst elves. Rold doesn't seem to be too happy with the group he's surrendered to, but as some of us speak his language, he hasn't said much.

Entry 5

We went South and East to follow a being called Mercedes. We had a snowstorm hit us. We sought shelter and was buried in the snow. We had to dig our way out of the snow and it took us 9 days to get out. Once we were out, we headed in a direction we thought was south and east. When we found our path again, we heard a loud voice. We climbed up a bunch of stairs made from the clouds. We stayed there most of the winter. I kept to myself for the most part, and occasionally I conversed with Val'Iant? and Mentor.

I had taken to sitting near the window and looking out. I missed being out there. Most of all, I missed being around people at home. It was home where my mother was. It was home where people knew me well. However, it was in the wilderness outside of home, among the trees, where I liked to be. This adventure keeps me among the trees, but I was far, far away from home.

mutters in orc - (I felt that this part was to remain with Tori since it was quite personal. Val'Iant?)

Entry 6

Apparently this place doesn't see much in the non-human nature. We seem to get a lot of stares as a group, however, I know I don't bring on positive, friendly looks. Ah well, such as life. We wound up on another bit of adventure chasing this wild woman, who now has two known names. We get to the "magical" forest, that appeared out of nowhere. What do we find? Elves, elves, and more elves, and a griffin. I'm not sure if I prefer finding elves or orcs. I just know, this is no ordinary forest since it was missing orcs, that tend to live on forest's edge.

During the night, I wound up being tied up while I was asleep, which first watch didn't wake us. Apparently, they didn't know what was going on, or fell asleep. I don't know what happened, I just know when I did wake up, I was tied to the ground. I don't like being tied up and pinned down.

Entry 7

Paul came, but it was a little too late, a lot of us were undead. Those of us left went back to Gon with Paul. I refused to leave Paul alone out here with those things. Then everything seemed to happen so fast, it was all a blur. Next thing I knew, I was guarding the trap door once again, this time with almost the entire group who was sent out here by the Dragonslayers while the Dragonslayers themselves were below with the Spectre trolls. Later, Moirra told us to stay up here while she went down to check things out. Then Rave called for Mentor, and he went down to help Rave.

Entry 8

We picked up Mercedes/Octavia/Lady Kylia's trail again. This woman has impersonated (very poorly, I might add) of Lady Kylia and we went into Woodwind and found a wanted poster for Lady Kylia. There were also disgruntled people. The Celtic High Priest has provided Moirra with a lot of useful information, and from what I've heard, the other townspeople were just as knowledgeable and useful. According to the astrologer, we were to go due north for a day. We went a day's travel and didn't go as far as the astrologer had said, or what the case may be. We rested a night, I took first watch along with Lady Kylia. We had a couple of critters stop and look at us. Lady Kylia tried talking with them. Then they went into the woods and didn't return. We woke up the second watch and told them to be on lookout for returning critters, then went to sleep. Next thing I knew, it was dawning and Rave was tickling my ear as he was waking me up. Of course, some had different reactions to a pixie waking them up, but I was used to him by now, in that size.

Entry 9

Moirra, Sebrina?, Lady Kylia, and I were near a ravine. Moirra muttered something, it sounded like a spell being cast. Next thing, we knew, we heard a low humming sound. I guess that made me move to inside the ravine, and it stopped. After a while, we discussed what to do, and decided to start mimicking the humming sound, as soon as I left the ravine to go into the clearing to sit, we heard the humming sound again. We felt the ground tremor a bit as the boulder took shape. I went back into the ravine, but it was too late. The rocks talked to us, shouting for us to go away. Of course, we remained and even stepped out. After a short time of battling with the rocks, Moirra opened the music box that Sebrina? had handed her. Apparently, this was the way that Mercedes had "made friends with the rocks". We ended up following the rock to the castle.