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Vilmar Estates

One of the leading families in Drillian Society. The Counts from this family have been royal consort several times but none in the last hundred years. The last member of the family to sit on the throne was Queen Nadia Vilmar who is infamous for abdicating the throne on 22-5-263 SKR leaving no chosen successor.

Vilmar Estates
Birds eye view of Vilmar Estates

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The Vilmar Citadel is at the center of the Estates. The Citadel stands on a hilltop where Lord Jostin Vilmar stood his ground and helped Chandler Cowles complete his victory during the first Drillian Civil War. The area surrounding the hill has been converted over to farmland with a channel dug to redirect the Crystal River to drain arable areas and to provide additional protection for the Citadel. There has never been any sort of Suomi presence in the Citadel or the Estates, partially because of the several churches and shrines for the Kayugan faith that are inside of the Citadel. These churches draw a steady stream of worshipers for services from the many people who populate the Estate.

The Vilmar family has always had a very traditionalist point of view on how things should be run. They are almost always one of the senior families that are consulted on matters of succession throughout Drillian. The source of the Count's wealth has always been thought to be taxes supplemented by trade. The family does not have any tradition of leaving Drillian on adventures or trade missions; their primary concerns have always been inside of the Kingdom.

The Citadel is divided up into six areas.

  • Gate District
    • Ulrick customs guard
    • Fat Merchant Inn
  • Market District
    • Empty Hand Inn
      • Hilb - clerk
    • Small Market
      • Master Jeweler Fordan
    • Large Market
      • Chapel to Vitreous & Broodhoy
      • One Eye Labin - leatherworker
      • Timber - woodworker
      • silversmith
      • fishmonger
      • Silvar the Goldsmith
  • Citizen's District
    • Shield Wall Inn
      • Yarly - Barkeep
    • Church to Cahus
  • Military District
  • Church District
    • Temple to Cogse
      • Shrine to Carolina
      • Shrine to Procog
      • Brother Stephanie
      • ''Uncle Yulf""
      • Friend Holper
  • Lord's District
  • Underground Areas
    • Thieves Guild
      • Sammy - head of pickpockets
      • Viri - thief on guard duty

Estate areas outside of the Citadel

  • Kilt Manor - Lord Kilt (took over from Sir Yelm, who was executed for failure to pay taxes)
    • Slud - master of the grounds
    • known for their dyes
  • Lord Ilto - she is 4 miles north of Kilt
  • Sir Poe - small poor, in the swamp to the SW of Kilt, outside boundaries of Estate

Residents of the Citadel

  • Captain Miltor - head of the Iron Guard
  • Captain Jorkin - leader of expeditionary forces for the Citadel Guard
  • Captain Opiknor - head of training for the Citadel Guard
  • Senior Private Olif - platoon leader of the Citadel Guard
  • Madam Ostman
  • Lord Trustman
  • Sheriff Sust
  • Uncle Conflict

Vilmar Family History

The current Count Samuel Vilmar took office in 332 SKR, his grandmother Patrice was sister to Nadia Vilmar. He has two sons of marriageable age who he is attempting to get chosen for Royal Consort. The Vilmar family has ruled this area for almost 600 years. "My son's will be the 15th in the line of Vilmar's who have held a steady hand over these lands"

  • Jeffery - good looking, prolific with his seed
  • Joffery - smart, appointed Ambassador for Drillian to Terraguard as Branwyn's replacement
  • Jessica - oldest daughter in Citadel
  • Penelope - youngest child

Jessica becomes Countess Vilmar upon the death of Samuel Vilmar in 345 TGR