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Shurkural goes to find Atribella after the morning discussion.

"Hey, honey. I need a favor. Where's the best place in this town to find a good herbalist? I need to get some fresh supplies of a few things before this mission to Northam, or whatever it was called. I know we ain't going until after the Ball, but I want to start looking early in case I have problems finding what I need. That way I've got time to search and make sure we don't go without it."

Shurkural (and Ilero others are in other conversations) strolls over to the animal trainer's house. "Hello? Anyone here? You mind if I ask ya a few questions 'bout things round here?"

She glances up from the paddock where she is training a horse. "You again? what is it this time? You want to show off how you captured some other animal now? I thought you were going out to see the caves I told you about?"

Shurkural leans on a fence post. "That weren't me, sugar. Yeah, same group, different person. An' I think you're bein' a bit harsh on Imari, but that ain't what I came to talk to you about. I wanted to ask you about some guy out there, calls himself Brian the Younger. Know anything about him?"

Mollified a bit she nods, "Brian the Younger. If you think I am too feverent in my beliefs you should talk with him. He thinks that what I am doing is slavery. I know I am simply teaching my charges better skills that they can use as they want to. I do my best to ensure that they have good companions who understand that these are beings that are equal to them. Brian the Younger believes that humans have interfeered too much already and we need to stop all training, training slaves he calls it, and let their own wild nature come out.

"Why do you ask about him?"

Shurkural shrugs. "We ran into him out in the woods. I followed a mixed bunch of wolf and man tracks straight to his place. He came up clean, and he says all his wolves aren't weres either. I just wanted to know how much I could trust his word on these things. He finally agreed to let us test him as proof and went way overboard on cutting himself. I mean, a small bit is really all it takes, something I've had to do before." Shurkural pauses to show Layla the bite scar on her arm. "There's no call to go an' practically maim yourself over it. He just didn't seem all that stable, you know what I mean?"

She frowns at the bite mark. "Are you sure that is the only way to test? Seems rather forcible to cut someone. And does that really work on all weres? I thought that was a way of defending your self against werewolves. Does that work on wolfweres also?"

"Although I do agree with you that he is not quite all there anymore I do not think he would go back on his word if he told you that he was going to stay out there and leave everyone alone."

Shurkural folds her sleeve back down over her scar. "It don't take much, really. And it's pretty much fool proof. And it's quick and not too painful, if you don't get dramatic about it. Here, I'll show you, if you want, sugar." Shurkural draws her sword, making sure it's not pointed or aimed anywhere near Layla (no need to scare her, after all) and draws the tip of her thumb across the edge and squeezes some blood out to lay on the silver blade. She sticks her thumb in her mouth to clean the cut. "See? Nothing much to it. It'd boil a bit if I were a were. 'Course, it's gotta be on real silver to be sure. That's why I had this made. It's a lot harder to tell otherwise. My pappy had to do it the hard way." She swipes her blood off the blade and wipes it clean. "Oh, by the way, who's Brian's daddy? He had some not nice things to say about him. We asked the innkeeper, but he didn't know any Brian's in town."

Looks at Shurkural and shakes her head slightly. "I imagine you asked for a Brian the older or something like that? Did you hear the tale of Brian the Wise?"

She starts to turn away, "No matter really, Brian the Younger took that name a year or more ago. His father is the burgermeister. I would ask him if you want more information about his life before he was Brian the Younger."

She clucks her tongue at the horse, "I need to get back to my teaching."

Shurkural nods and waves. "Thanks a bunch, honey. 'Preciate the help." Shurkural heads back to the rest of the group with the information.

Hugh D'Ambray goes to catch the group up on things learned from the good Uncle in town and the trivia learned from the inn keeper.

"Alrighty Guys, and Gals. I learned a great deal about parts of a puzzle I haven't been able to put together. (Explain Information). I have no idea on where to go with this werewolf problem, however I do believe we may have insulted a deity. I am fine with just leaving everyone here to their problems, however I think we should learn more from this Brian the Younger. Opinions?"

-Hugh D'Ambray

Ilero shakes his head. "Not t'ink god. T'ink man, change name for honoring god. T'ink mebbe Shur right, is Burgomeister's son, but using ot'er name. We know Brian not were, an he say wolves not weres. Wonder.. Imari, you gots way to detect weres? Magic mebbe? Still t'ink somet'ing weird in town. Not know what. Not know why weres ask werewolf hunter to town, and not sure why if wolves in town t'ey not take care of mess t'emselves. T'ey not usually shy bout violence, hye t'ink. Town having weres not make sense, but hye do t'ink somet'ing stinks here."

Shurkural smiles and kisses him on the cheek. "Wow, lover. You ain't said that much all at once in a long time. Getting outta the city must be doing you a world of good."


Shurkural shares the information she got from Layla. "So. Was we brought up here by the burgermaster just to kill or drive off his son? And did we just start a war 'tween the two? And if we did, what do we do? Play diplomat and try to fix it, takes sides, or just bail?"

With a smile Hoffman says. "That depends, are we mercenaries. Adventures or heroes?

After a moment of silence, Hoffman looks arround with startled face. "Wait, am I the moral compas in this little sub-section or are you not sure the difference between mercenaries and adventurers? The biggest difference is adventures negotiate with themselves. This does not seem to be a high paying job so it may not matter in this case.

After events of Feb1315

Hoffman looks at everyone again. "It really seem clear to me, but than again, I am a simple man. Branwyn would let her go, I would let her go. It is as I told the Mayor, it is an internal town issue that is not for us to go into. " Pointing to the captive "She will either leave or not. Her choice will determine her fate, not me."