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Wedding Crashers

From 3-8-345 SKR to 16-8-345 SKR

This Story Arc started the For the Love of Mist Era with the characters barely unpacking before being sent out on a special mission for the Queen. They were to go to a wedding at the d'Ambrevilles Estate next to the Ghostwood Domain. The problem was the path to get there went straight through the rebel areas and near Bolpels's swamp hold territory.

The wedding will be held on the evening of the 15th leaving the group only 11 days to get there.

Discussion Threads

Character Quotes

[Master] you strayed closer to the bank, this tree suddenly WHIPPPPED
[Kel (MarioCS)] and got birch slapped by an Oak

[Ilero]] (TMO) scratches his chin. "Huh. Hokay t'en. Hye guess you not need her knowledge of t'em." He nods his head in the direction of Marisu, sitting by herself on a rock. "But hye still need your help in morning. Wit' elves and Neit', hye guess. Branwyn ask me tell her 'bout her fat'er. Hye t'ink it good for her friends be t'ere when hye do."
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Sorry one moment while I translate that into English)
Ilero (TMO)] (what do you mean? that WAS English!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Hey! Let's arm wrestle!
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] are we in mortal danger?
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] that seems to be the problem with arm wrestling

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can you set your dream on fire?)
[Mara (MarioHome)] (Iíve had plenty crash and burn, so)

[JohnAA] and did we really go from Crashers to welcome guests, stay as long as you like?

(from Discord conversation):
Mario: I want Kel to get out with phalanges past his wrists
TMO: That will require diplomacy, bribery, or blackmail
Lisa: And Branwyn
Mario: Or a swift blade
TMO: Or murder
Lisa: the 4 Bs
TMO: I'm still wondering who spells diplomacy with a B? Biplomacy?
Lisa: Note that I ignored the D for diplomacy and stuck with bribery, blackmail, branwyn, and blade.
Mario: Bullshit! 5 B's

Feed Back & Recollections

This was the first story of the For the Love of Mist Era where the characters went off on a mission for the Queen immediately upon arriving back home in Drillian.

≈ - Swimmers

To help keep track of the NPC's being encountered on the journey:

BranwynTiberius Branadarus≈ Jon the Sailor ???
Indigo≈ Anastacia Eustace   
≈ Howard PlumWu Sen Cho   
Johan≈ Anor   
Ilero≈ Ithil   
Shurkural≈ Galad   
≈ Hugh D'AmbrayMercy   
Neith of Inholt≈ Eddie   
Kenna WestfootPenelope   
Keldorldrin TekenlylTreble?   
Shi'Nynze ZaurahelMara   
Hoffman≈ Thistle   
Miranda PaigeYoung Earl Brandon Cowles   
QuiFon Ruminell    
Brother Fotopoulos    
Snottie Patron Snezana    
≈ Jared    

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