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Were did she go?

Blood Trail Era

From 17-3-342 SKR to 20-3-342 SKR

The Queen Presumptive was kidnapped from the Vilmar Estates and hurried away to a small village in The Mist. The characters quickly gave pursuit and arrived to find Heavenring Village and their unlikely inhabitants.

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

[Master] we are in the last act now

[BiBo!!!] and I really have no idea what is going on :)

[Master] vampire castle,

[Master] damsel in distress

[Master] go save her

[Master] is easy now

[BiBo!!!] yeah, thats what I thought was going on from the beginning, yet we have been doing no storming of castles or rescuing of damsels in 3 months

[Master] like john said it comes full circle

Feed Back & Recollections

Act III of the Era was to be a quick diversion and give the players something with a bit more action and dramatic flair.

Chat Logs

Sep 07 12

BOB's Birthday Game - Sep 08 12