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What do you call an Undead Elf?

Team Building Era

From 7-4-1259 TGR (Midsinde) to 7-4-1259 TGR

After a long and heroic scale quest saving the world from Mindflayers in Mindflayer Invasion the group needed a bit of a nice simple adventure.

They got word that goblins were showing up at the keep with invitations from a Mistress that no one had heard of before. After killing the goblin messengers and investigating more, they found the invitations were coming from an Undead Elf that was living nearby. Of course the group had to investigate.

So a simple visit to a neighbor became a bit more interesting and the group found themselves in possession of the cauldron of plenty again. (It is too bad Robert was not here to utter his famous phrase 'we are the curse!'.)

Character Quotes

Mistress then they only will feel that pleasure of sharing

Ramone? (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Excellent. How are you at dancing?"

Mal (mikE)] "Hey now, my academics before your pleasure."

Mistress she smiles, I used to dance quite nicely

Mal (mikE)] "If anyone here's getting fed off of it's going to be me!"

Feed Back & Recollections

This was supposed to be a quick simple adventure to take up a night or two and have the group recharge between larger adventures. We quickly had a good time with this, and what could have been a fight to the death at the end turned into a fun roleplay and negotiation. Roadhaven has a new strange ally & neighbor.

And Kira would have loved to have planted several daggers deeply into strategic places on Ramone?'s body before this one was finished. Beth

Chat Logs

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