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Whelk Tower

Rebuilding Adventures Era

??? TGR - ???

A short adventure where suitors for Lady Kylia's hand in marriage competed to bring back a prize. Lord Jocquin tried to best Finglas by getting him to chase after a pearl. Lord Jocquin was to go after Blue Gill, a pirate in the Island Kingdoms and retrieve an amulet for Lady Kylia

Feed Back & Recollections

For a 'one night stand' this one generated lots of controversy, mostly because of the configuration of the place. In the layout of the shell it was easy to forget that 20 yards ahead was only 15 feet directly above as you climb the spiral of the shell.

Bob screwed us over by having a ghost possess Val and when we got the magic pearl back home, had her destroy it. Also, there are rooms there filled with pearls, coral, and maybe something else. -Mike

Map of the Whelk Tower

Chat Logs

Apr 21 06