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I was coerced into playing D&D in highschool, but not by my brother.

I will always remember Ken and his habit of hitting me with his class ring. When Bob and I played together in an evil campaign, his character would hit mine on the head with a staff, so it seems to be a thing.

I always see a little of myself in the characters I play and compare the characters I see in other fiction to aspects of myself. If it seems to make me crazy, at least it is it's own therapy. Maybe the symptom is the cure. (20 pts)

--- As a bit of self therapy I want to explore some of my characters and how they relate to who I was/am. Sorry if it's more than you want to know. just stop reading. If you continue, you may need to read about the character to appreciate the notes.

Characters Played

Freki Imsigul (Straight Fighter) He was the third or forth son looking to get noticed by his father. Bob had a lot of input but I am not saying he saw the connection. I only see it in hein sight. Growing up it was just the way it was, as a young man I had the chance to connect to my Dad in my own way, but it does remind me of how birth order can have a predictable affect on family relations.

Darian Lambert (Fighter/Priest) (Palidan want-to-be) One of the reasons we play is to be something we are not. Even in pretend, we can not be who we want to be. He was one of my longest running characters so there may be a false sense of connection, but I have always felt a certain amount of not being all I should have been, I could have more. I am sure many do, and hopefully like them, I am still trying everyday to do better. I just acknowledge, like the character, I will never be what I had hopped. We can not change the past or the choices we made, only move on to the next day, the next choice and make it better.

BooBoo (Fighter)(henchman) (voadkyn) One of the shortest lives of my character, he was supposed to be the big strong, fun loving side that had the ability to hide in the woods. He was overrun and eaten by ants. The smallest things can bring you down and your strengths can lead to your doom.

Kira Fancy (theif/fighter Duel class)

Krull the Sol (dwarf fighter)

Ty (elf Fighter)

Thed E Vile (Mage) Died date unknown

Kahn (henchman) leaves to join Paul Elvenstire

Gartoum (Mage) Died date unknown

Chrysania(henchman) Died date unknown

Kal el (fighter) Died 1-2-33 WPR


Chonny (Fighter/Mage who considered himself a priest)

Paul ElvenStier (fighter/mage) reborn as 16 year old human month 2 day 16 year 1260 TGR

Kahn (Mage)(henchman)
Kit (fighter)(henchman)
Kazza (fighter/priest) (henchman)

Non Played Characters

Belinda (Paul's wife)
Terrance? (Paul's wife "ex")
unnamed Priest of War


New Campaign

Hoffman Fighter
-> Brother Fotopoulos Henchman created by BOB so don't blame me
-> QuiFon Ruminell Priest of Procog
-> Miranda Paige Mage former Priestess of Idun