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Witch Hunters

Stretching Their Legs Era

From 14-10-339 SKR to 16-10-339 SKR

This story evolved from a side comment on a town the group visited during the Pirate Queens story arc and I developed into a small adventure to provide a means of paying off a training that Koorin needed.

The group met back up at Budgeford on the Water? in Gold Hills after Koorin finished training at her temple. There was a witch who was capturing and killing all the clerics who came to the town.

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

Go and hunt her
And find her
And kill her

Wickedness must be punished
Evil effectively eliminated
Wickedness must be punished
Kill the Witch!

Wickedness must be punished
Brave Witch-Hunters, I would join you if I could
Because Wickedness must be punished
For good!

While walking up to Old Man Willow
[Master] you can see the tree there, it still looks like a willow on the edge of the pool
[Master] it is just that Sarengar and Indigo disapeared after going into that knot of trees and disapearing from sight
[Branwyn (Lisa)] I didn't see any movement like it was attacking anything
[Branwyn (Lisa)] and we didn't hear anything
[Branwyn (Lisa)] This is very strange
[Master] correct on both accounts
[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Should be okay. Lets go."

Feed Back & Recollections

I took the idea of something everyone can imagine and then added in a couple of twists to make a short adventure that the characters could do to repay a favor for training.

Chat Logs

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