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With Friends Like These

Blood Trail Era

From 1-3-342 SKR to 11-3-342 SKR

The group got word from an old friend that something terrible had happened and that they needed to meet him right away to help solve a problem. He warned them not to say a thing to anyone about who they were meeting and would not tell them any details until the meeting.

Upon arriving in Portown the group went to the Riverside Inn where they had previously made arrangements to keep their knarr docked when not using it. After a scuffle on the docks the group heading to the Vilmar Estates to investigate one lead while Miranda went to stake out another path.

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This was the first act of the four act Era that made up the Blood Trail story arcs. I wanted to create a bit of tension to start and to plant the several threads that the group would have to sort out to solve the overall mystery.

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