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The great independent city of Wolfspack lies at the northern end of the Great Trade Route and also lies at the Western end of the Silk Road. There has been a city in this location for as long as recorded history shows. It became a great city centuries before the official founding of the city and the start of Wolfspack Reckoning. Originally a Roman military outpost, the city was a fort built on a set of three hills overlooking the Rumbling River that provided both a strong barrier and easy trade access. The city was built on top of and eventually under and throughout the hills. Over the years various natural and man made disasters forced the city to be rebuilt again and again. Several battles were fought here and in the nearby Bronda Hills between the Roman forces and the invaders of the Celtic Empire.

The cities name of Wolfspack came from the decades before the current Reckoning began. There was an outpouring of a goblinoid horde from the Great Mountains that threatened to overwhelm the city. Only by working together did the city survive with help by all sides - Greek, Celtic and those that followed the Viking Way. After this climatic battle the name Wolfspack became entrenched as the name for this post of civilization. Within a couple of decades however Wolfspack became more immersed in the Celtic World and a large Celtic temple was built.

Wolfspack was officially founded on 908 TGR as an independent city and the calendar system restarted to reflect this, marking the year 1 WPR. The Celtic temple was re-consecrated that year and the Druids of Hallstatt were firmly displaced from power in this area by druids of the Celtic church. Many see this point as the downfall of the Celtic Empire.

The city has maintained its independence through the years by two means. Being extremely Lawful, and gathering as much information as they can. The Dragonslayers have had a long history in town and when a couple retired from adventuring they opened a bar - Wine Women and more Wine.

Nearby settlements

These small settlements are within walking distance of Wolfspack and are populated by residents who want to be close by for the protection but do not want to live with the restrictions of the city.

DM notes on Wolfspack