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Chapter 3 - Weapon Proficiencies


Wrestling is anytime that a character chooses to attack without a weapon and desires to hold a creature in place, or to attempt to pin them to the ground.

All characters, regardless of class, are proficient in wrestling. Wrestling requires both hands free, unencumbered by shields and the like.

When wrestling a normal attack roll is made and the normal AC of the target is used. If a character is attempting to wrestle in armor the following modifiers are used (in addition to normal modifiers)

studded leather-1
chain, ring, scale mail-2
banded, splint, plate mail-5
field plate-8
full plate-10

Penalties for being held or attacking a held opponent do not apply to wrestlers. Wrestling involves a lot of holding and twisting as it is, and the damage resolution system for punching and wrestling takes this into account. If the attack successful consult table below for result and damage of attack.

Wrestling results with an asterisk are holds that can be maintained round to round. A hold is broken by a throw or gouge (marked with a @), the assistance of another, or the successful use of a weapon (penalties apply to the person being held). All attacks do one point of damage plus strength bonuses, with continued holds causing cumulative damage for each round they are held. (ie. a lock held for six rounds would inflict 21 points of damage total {1+2+3+4+5+6=21}). As with punching only 25% of wrestling damage is real, the rest is temporary.


If a character spends one slot on wrestling he is specialized in wrestling and gains the following benefits. A +1 to attack rolls, a +1 to damage, a +1 chart bonus, and a +2 to strength, only for maintaining a wrestling hold. Any character class can spend this first slot on wrestling.

Continuing specialization

This is available only to single-class fighters and fighting monks(priests). Note that a first level character can only take basic specialization in either punching or wrestling, he must wait until third level to continue. For each additional slot devoted to wrestling the following bonuses apply: +1 bonus to attack rolls, +1 bonus to damage rolls, and +1 chart bonuses.


  • Wrestling - Called shots in wrestling consist of choosing the specific result on the chart *wanted (a hold, etc.). This is done at the normal penalty.
  • Disarm - If attempted barehanded, the attackers AC suffers a -2 and his disarm attempt is at a -4.
  • Grab - Described here, designed to be a barehanded attack.
  • Hold - Attacks can be held at no penalty.
  • Parry - Against another barehanded attack as normal; against a weapon attack the character suffers a -2 to his AC and a -2 to hit and create the parry.
  • Pin - Same as above for parry.
  • Trip - Can only trip opponents that are adjacent to him.
  • Sap - Described below, same penalties if done barehanded
  • Shield-punch & Shield-rush - Cannot be performed barehanded for obvious reasons.
  • Strike-thrust - Performed barehanded this is called a punch.

Special weapons


A cestus is a heavy glove that has spikes and razor edges on the back and across the knuckles. the damage from a cestus replaces the normal damage from a fist. This can result in less damage, but remember damage from a cestus is all normal damage, none temporary. If a warrior spends a slot on cestus he is specialized in it. If the warrior is also specialized in punching then he can decide from round to round which specialization bonus to use. He also can use the cestus attack roll to determine his chart roll, for purposes of knockout chances. However, he would still use the cestus damage regardless, but with a chance of knockout also.

Dwarven close combat weapons

All of the dwarven close combat weapons are treated in the same way as the cestus, except a slot must be expended to first know each weapon. For descriptions of these weapons see weapons file or arms & equipment guide.

Punching & Wrestling Table
D20 RollPunch ResultPunch Damage% of KnockoutWrestling Hold
20+haymaker210bear hug*
19wild swing01arm twist
18rabbit punch13kick
17kidney punch15trip
16glancing blow12elbow smash
15jab26arm lock*
14uppercut18leg twist
13hook29leg lock*
12kidney punch15throw@
10glancing blow13elbow smash
9combination110leg lock*
5glancing blow13kick
4rabbit punch25arm lock*
1wild swing02leg twist
* hold that can be maintained; @ breaks a hold