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OutofCharacter / 2009Log

BOB's Musings

2009 Log

After writing about my thoughts on Riding and Biking I thought I would put together a log of my activities for the year. This way I have a place to record things, and if I slack off it will be readily apparent. A potential tentative goal as of the first half of January is to accumulate 750 miles for the year. I want to try out my GPS unit to see if it will work as a pedometer inside. Or perhaps pick up a small one to use for that to help track what I am actually doing.

Max Speed
Avg Speed
Jan 111.1Biking21 mph12.71 hr11.1Riding
Jan 5 am5Biking15.5 mph10.030 min16.1 
Jan 5 pm5Biking????25 min21.1 
Jan 10 am5Biking16.811.726 min26.1 
Jan 10 pm5Biking17.012.023 min31.1 
Jan 11 am5Biking15.711.126 min36.1 
Jan 11 pm5Biking17.011.924 min41.1 
Jan 14 am.9Treadmill????18 min42.00Had to round this off
Jan 27 am5Biking??????47.0forgot to turn on GPS
Jan 27 pm5Biking16 mph11 mph26 min52.0 
Jan 31 am5Biking??????57.0left GPS in car mode
Jan 31 pm5Biking16.8 mph10 mph26 min62 
Feb 08 am5Biking????23 min67unless I did 87 mph I did not clear the GPS
Feb 08 pm5Biking17.611.424 min72found out pedometers don't work when riding
Feb 094Walking--8 hr76first day with pedometer at work
Feb 10 am5Biking18.4 mph10.6 mph27 min81
Feb 104Walking--8 hr85
Feb 10 pm5Biking16.2 mph9.8 mph28 min90
Feb 116.2Walking--8 hr96.2
Feb 134.1Walking--8 hr100.3
Feb 16 am-Elliptical--20 min-weight loss 1
Feb 165.3Walking--8 hr105.6
Feb 174.9Walking--8 hr110.5
Feb 18 am-Elliptical--20 min-weight loss 1
Feb 185.5Walking--8 hr116.0
Feb 19      accidents happen
Feb 213.7Walking--8 hr119.7
Feb 221.5Walking--4 hr121.2
Feb 234.3Walking--8 hr125.5
Feb 243.3Walking--8 hr128.8
Feb 255.3Walking--8 hr134.1
Feb 274.2Walking--8 hr138.3
Mar 2 am-Elliptical--20 min-weight loss 1
Mar 26.3Walking--8 hr144.6
Mar 34.3Walking--8 hr148.9
Mar 46.4Walking--8 hr155.3
Mar 55.2Walking--8 hr160.5
Mar 75.1Walking--8 hr165.6
Mar 81.6Walking--4 hr167.2
Mar 94.0Walking--8 hr169.6
Mar 103.4Walking--8 hr173
Mar 133.4Walking--8 hr177.4
Mar 165.7Walking--8 hr183.1
Mar 17--Walking--8 hr--it helps to turn it on
Mar 184.7Walking--8 hr187.8
Mar 193.5Walking--8 hr191.2
Mar 214.8Walking--8 hr196
Mar 222.4Walking--4 hr198.4
Mar 234Walking--8 hr200
Mar 243.4Walking--8 hr203.4
Mar 274.4Walking--8 hr207.8
Mar 314.9Walking--8 hr212.7
Apr 16.8Walking--8 hr219.5
Apr 51.2Walking--4 hr220.7
Apr 64.1Walking--8 hr222.6
Apr 72Walking--8 hr224.6
Apr 85.1Walking--8 hr229.7
Apr 103.6Walking--8 hr233.3
Apr 134.1Walking--8 hr237.4
Apr 144.1Walking--8 hr241.5
Apr 183.4Walking--8 hr244.9forgot for a couple of days
Apr 202.1Walking--8 hr243.6
Apr 213.8Walking--8 hr247.4
Apr 224.8Walking--8 hr252.2
Apr 234.8Walking--8 hr257.0
Apr 244Walking--8 hr261.0
Apr 272.8Walking--8 hr263.8
Apr 283.7Walking--8 hr267.5
Apr 295Walking--8 hr272.5
May 24.6Walking--8 hr277.1
May 33.1Walking--4 hr264.1
May 43.3Walking--8 hr280.4
May 53.2Walking--8 hr283.7
May 63.5Walking--8 hr287.2
May 83.3Walking--8 hr290.5
May 101.9Walking--4 hr293.4
May 113.2Walking--8 hr296.6
May 123.7Walking--8 hr300.3
May 132.0Walking--8 hr302.3
May 162.9Walking--8 hr305.2start using My Plate
May 18 am.5Treadmill??0%15 min305.7restarting other excercise
May 182.3Walking--8 hr308
May 192.9Walking--8 hr310.9
May 20 am.5Treadmill??5%15 min311.4
May 204.3Walking--8 hr315.8
May 213.5Walking--8 hr319.3
May 223.3Walking--8 hr322.6
May 25 am1.5Treadmill??5%30 min324.1
May 263.6Walking--8 hr327.7
May 27 am1.2Treadmill??5%30 min328.9
May 274.7Walking--8 hr332.6
May 283.6Walking--8 hr336.2
May 29 am1.3Treadmill??5%30 min337.5
May 301.7Walking--8 hr337.9
Jun 12.3Walking--8 hr340.2
May 1 pm1.2Treadmill??10%30 min341.4
Jun 24.1Walking--8 hr345.5
Jun 3 am1.5Treadmill??10%30 min347
Jun 32.7Walking--8 hr349.7
Jun 42.7Walking--8 hr351.4
Jun 5 am.75Treadmill??10%15 min352.1
Jun 51.4Walking--8 hr353.5
Jun 83.0Walking--8 hr356.5
Jun 92.5Walking--8 hr359
Jun 9 pm1.2Treadmill??10%30 min360.2
Jun 10 am1Treadmill??10%25 min361.2
Jun 10??Walking--8 hr359some how switched to KM
Jun 132Walking--8 hr361 
Jun 15 am1.2Treadmill??10%30 min362.2
Jun 153.1Walking--8 hr365.3 
Jun 162.7Walking--8 hr368 
Jun 17 am1.2Treadmill??10%30 min370.2
Jun 173.4Walking--8 hr373.6 
Jun 183.5Walking--8 hr377.1 
Jun 18.8Walking--8 hr377.9 
Jun 21 am1.2Treadmill??10%30 min379.1
Jun 22 am1.2Treadmill??10%30 min380.3
Jun 225.1Walking--8 hr385.4that is what teaching 3 classes does
Jun 235.2Walking--8 hr390.6

I lost my pedometer on the 24th. So I ordered a new one and when it arrives I will figure out how to incorporate that data here

Jul 01--Exercise--20 min390.6Keeping track of things a bit until the new pedometer comes
July104.99Walking---495.6Month of July's totals
Aug115.2Walking---610.8Month of Aug's totals
Sep110.5Walking---721.3Month of Sep's totals
Oct110Walking---831.3Month of Oct's totals
Nov85Walking---916.3Month of Nov's totals
Dec75Walking---991Month of Nov's totals

So if I am really going to pull off a goal of 750 for 2009 I need to know some guideposts. Averaging just over 2 miles per day every day will make that happen. Plus if the first couple of days of using the pedometer are any indication I might be doing more miles than I thought.

I found out that the Elliptical does not have a real odometer on it; just a number of revolutions per minute plus a number of ## X 100. Going to guess that that means feet, so today (2/16/) I did 1100*100=11,000 feet (I think those are the numbers) which seems really high for a 20 minute work out. But there are scalable weight loss and aerobic programs on the machine, plus plug in cards that are available to use for various tasks. So I thought I should record those levels instead rather than a pure mileage.
Accidents happen and I was a bit lucky. Riding the bike into work on Thursday morning I got hit by a car. Because I did most things right I am ok; just a bruised muscle in my arm it appears a day or so later. No it does not mean I won't be riding again, but I did investigate other pathways to ride on. Having the arm in a sling is worse than just about anything else. Well ok, sitting in the emergency room for couple of hours kind-of sucked too. I am not meant to lie down and wait for someone else to tell me I am ok. The doctors all laughed when I said "I need to get out of here, I have to teach at 10 and at 1" but then they realized I was serious. The people at work thought I was a little nuts, but I did take the rest of the afternoon and the next day off.
Goals for end
of month totals