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2010 Log

So in 2009 I had a goal of 750 miles that I was able to surpass {991 miles total even with a big drop off at the end of the year}. So I wanted to set the standard a little higher for the upcoming year. At first I thought 2010 = 2,010 miles. That works out to be a little bit more than 5.5 miles per day. A high bar to achieve with my new job that keeps me much more stationary than I used to be when I was teaching. So I decided to put a more realistic goal of 1,500 miles for 2010. That works out to be 4.1 miles per day; which is still more than I do on average right now.

To make this happen I need to ride the bike more, use the treadmill more and pay attention to my times of stillness at work and home. I can pace more when on the phone or walk to lunch more. I have a goal of biking through Tuscany this summer so that will help my overall goals as well. that turned out to be a great vacation and in June I managed to do a lot of miles

Like last year I am going to track things here to keep my self pointed in the right direction. I will organize it by walking and biking to get a grand total each month rather than a day by day total. I am keeping my goal of 10,000 steps a day on the pedometer with a sub goal of 2,000 aerobic steps each day. If I reach that goal I would pass my overall mileage goal for the year without the bike totals.

I was very happy with the progress in the Spring and it seemed that I might be able to meet my goal with ease. Then when I was getting ready for the trip to Italy and when we returned I realized that I might be able to meet my original plan of 2,010 in 2010. When my miles fell off in July I thought it might be hard to reach that goal. I paid closer attention in August and September and realized I should reset my goal for the end of the year.

So for the last three months I have new marks to hit. At least 106 miles walking and 85 miles biking each month. That will put me just over 1,500 miles walking for the year and 1,000 miles biking for the year with the total 2,500 for the year. If I can make that it will be a very good yearly mark to set from now on.

I hit 1,500 miles walking on Dec 9th.

So looking ahead:


Looking towards 2011 I should have a goal again of meeting the year as miles as an achievable goal and the harder goal of 1,500 walking and 1,000 biking with the high goal of 1,500 walking and 1,200 biking. We will see how this year ends and then see how to achieve those new numbers.