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OutofCharacter / GameVsGame

1/20/18 John

To supplement my need for Roll and Role playing, I play a couple video games. The genre is not important but after playing an open world game like Oblivion or Fallout 3, it is hard not to compare it to BOB's campaign. This campaign is unique in that not only does it have a sense of never ending but also that things go on away from the players. The open world is important because can go anywhere and that leads to unknown encounters. There are random encounters in both games as well as planed encounters with some level of danger. It just seems harder to predict the danger level in a game run by a human and one where you cannot save and reload when something goes wrong. It has gotten to the point where the party Role plays to avoid even the chance of an encounters. It is fun, for sure and I agree with the tactic, especially in certain circumstances. But maybe there is a way to dial down the danger without turning it off? No suggestions yet, just thinking.