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OutofCharacter / IWantToFly

I want to fly

December 27 2008

Thinking out loud

I want to explore aerial adventures and see where the discussion takes me.

Where to draw the line on what to put here and what to hide from the players view to give them a brand new experience?

Things to consider:

  • why has no one noticed so far?
    • Maybe they have?
      • crystal castle adventure
      • spells out of tome of magic
      • cloud giants
  • how do air ships work?
  • how to aerial elves and giant eagles figure in this?
  • what do dragons think about this?

Can you direct a cloud city to move where you want? or is it at the mercy of the winds? Elemental and para-elemental planes and interactions?

If it is a rare thing to interact with the ground beings then it should be easier to integrate into the campaign. Where do we need to go with this? Magical Dirigibles versus 'standard' ships that can fly.

Interactions have been happening through the years:

  • The crystal castle adventure
  • The aerial attacks on Roadhaven that Marco's character (Seriana?) had to avoid
  • The Cloud Giant in Trade Wars - Magic of Music
  • Aerie borne adventure

Aerial Adventure Guide - Sky Captains Handbook by Goodman Games

“Life on the surface? Be real!” - “How would they breathe? All the air is up here!”

Working knowledge:

Metal is harmful to sky ships, no more than 5# per hundred pounds of lift can be accomplished. Causes sky ships to be less useful for transport of goods also. Plus still subject to weather so natural materials degrade. (what about magical enhancements like iron wood?)

Air Ships need to be built just like standard water ships. There is a "Gemmae Mobilis Device" that is the extra installation that allows the vessel to use three dimensions. That Device consumes gems to accelerate or ascend. Using wind power alone or descent does not use "fuel".

  • is a reason to contact ground dwellers, no gems in the air
  • do people in the Island Kingdoms use this to create submarines?

Air Ships can have sails or balloons each has different movement rates and agility. Adding more and better crew increases both movement and agility. Agility is the ability to rise and fall as well as standard agility rating.