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OutofCharacter / Riding

BOB's Musings - January 01 2009


So I made a sort of resolution back at the end of November when I talked about biking. Ok, not really a resolution so much (after all it was not new years, and who actually keeps a new years resolution past January 14th anyway) as a committment to try to be in better physical shape. So I set a goal of putting in 62 miles in the month of January either biking or walking or some sort of activity.

We bought a new Elipitcal machine in November also so that along with the bike and the treadmill gives me no excuse for variety and weather. Plus I got a new GPS unit (a Garmin Nuvi 205) that helps track both Biking and Walking as well as the normal Driving mode. So combining all of that I figured I better keep to my commitment and post some results to help keep me honest.

Oh and I made my 'dec-anual' appointment with the doctor as well for late in January so by the end of this month I should really know what sort of run down jungle overgrown temple my body has become. Not that there is anything wrong with a over grown temple hidden in the jungle. King Louie did quite well there, and I know the secret of man's red flower.

Max SpeedAvg SpeedTimeRunning
Total Miles
Jan 111.1Biking21 mph12.71 hr11.1
Jan 5 am5Biking15.5 mph10.030 min16.1
Jan 5 pm5Biking????25 min21.1
Jan 10 am5Biking16.811.726 min26.1
Jan 10 pm5Biking17.012.023 min31.1
Jan 11 am5Biking15.711.126 min36.1
Jan 11 pm5Biking17.011.924 min41.1
Jan 14 am.9Treadmill????18 min42.0(I just had to round off that decimal)
Jan 27 am5Biking??????47.0(forgot to turn on the GPS)
Jan 27 pm5Biking16 mph11 mph26 min52.0
Jan 31 am5Biking??????57.0left GPS in car mode
Jan 31 pm5Biking16.8 mph10 mph26 min62 

For the rest of the tracking I will use the 2009Log.

One thing I am trying hard to do is have my ride times home the same length of time as my ride times to work. If I can keep that up after a full 8 hour day I think I am in decent shape.

Notice that big lag there in the middle of the month? 13 days in between rides did a number on my knees today (27th) this is the first time I have really felt the effects of riding. Closing in on the end of the month and I have 1 more day planed to ride to work and meet my goal. Not sure if I have a goal for February yet.